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Presentation of illness symptoms in older adults

Ageing is a normal process in life which may bring us different challenges. To foster healthy ageing and improve the quality of life of older adults, how we think about age and ageing is very important. Taking this course will help you understand the ageing trajectory, the common geriatrics syndromes and illness symptoms, and how we could promote healthy ageing by using the WHO recommendations.

1. The Second Half

2. Generation Inclusion

3. Age-Happy City

4. Ageing in Place

5. Healthy Ageing and Traditional Chinese Medicine

6. Healthy Ageing

7. Understand Ageing

8. Ageing Process Throughout Our Lives

9. Coping with Menopause

10. Is Male Menopause Real

11. 10 Tips for Healthy Ageing

12. Process of Healthy Ageing

13. What are Geriatric Syndromes

14. Hyperthermia in Older Adults

15. Metabolic Syndrome

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