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Demand on your CARE: Presentation of illness symptoms in older adults

Ageing is a normal process in life which may bring us different challenges. To foster healthy ageing and improve the quality of life of older adults, how we think about age and ageing is very important. Taking this course will help you understand the ageing trajectory, the common geriatrics syndromes and illness symptoms, and how we could promote healthy ageing by using the WHO recommendations.


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The videos in this course provide information for educational purposes only. The videos do not provide medical recommendations or diagnoses and are not substitutes for medical advice. It is crucial that you talk with your healthcare providers to discuss any questions you may have and seek them for medical advice, before you make any medical decisions. As the videos are only for educational purposes, we will not be responsible for any decisions you will make or consequences you will have based on the information they provide. In no event shall the Funder have any liability of any kind to any person or entity arising from or related to any actions taken or not taken as a result of any of the contents herein.


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