Community Projects CADENZA community projects are innovative and sustainable service models to cope with the changing needs of seniors, especially in achieving seamless interface and collaboration among various sectors and mobilising untapped community resources. Each project has an evidence-based research component to measure outcome and validate the effectiveness of the delivery model.

One of the innovative projects is the Jockey Club CADENZA Hub in Tai Po, which is an integrated primary health and social care centre for the old and the soon-to-be-old. The services include: (1) primary health services covering healthy lifestyle programmes and professional consultation; (2) chronic conditions management; (3) day care service and (4) other services, e.g. Traditional Chinese Medicine and optometric assessment.

Leadership Training
and Research
This component is to nurture academic leadership in gerontology, and to conduct research to advance gerontological knowledge and to evaluate the outcomes of different CADENZA projects. Research findings will be used as basis for the planning and promotion of public education programmes and community projects.

Public Education Public awareness and public education programmes promote positive ageing and highlight important issues pertaining to the elderly population, covering 6 themes: (1) health promotion and maintenance; (2) health and social services in Hong Kong; (3) living environment; (4) financial and legal issues; (5) quality of life and quality of dying; and (6) age disparities. The goal is to reach all segments of society through different means of mass communication with wide diffusion and high impact.

Training Programme The CADENZA Training Programme includes on-line courses, workshops and public seminars to train different levels of professional front-line workers, care givers and the general public. Each participant will receive a certificate of completion from CADENZA and will be able to earn continuous education credits (e.g. CNE, CME, CPE, etc.) from the corresponding accreditation bodies.