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Medication Management for Older Adults

Medication management is one of the major tasks in elder care. Empowering both older adults and caregivers with essential skills to ensure safe and effective medication usage is crucial. Taking this course will help you understand the common challenges of medication management in older adults, strategies for improving medication adherence and medication safety.

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1. Adverse Drug Reactions in Older Adults

2. Dealing with Medication Refusal in Dementia Care

3. Improving Medication Adherence in Older Adults

4. Enhancing Medication Safety in Elderly Homes

5. Potential Risk of Self-medication

6. Should Medicines Be Kept in The Refrigerator?

7. How to Handle Expired Medications?

8. Understanding Drug Labels

9. How to Take Medication on an Empty Stomach?

10. Can All Medications Be Cut or Crushed?

11. What If I Miss a Dose of Medication?

12. Dietary Restriction When Taking Medication?

13. Are Anti Inflammatory Drugs the Same as Antibiotics?

14. Guidelines for Medication Purchases

15. Is More Supplement Consumption Better?

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