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Keep Preventable Falls Away from You

Fall risk factors may be linked to a senior's physical condition, medical problem, home environment or side effect of medications that can increase the risk of falling. This course will provide safety tips on reducing fall hazards and guide you through a set of exercises at home.

English & Chinese subtitle Indonesian subtitle Filipino subtitle

Pencegahan jatuh dan mispersepsi tentang jatuh (Indonesian)

Tips pencegahan jatuh (Indonesian)

Latihan pencegahan jatuh (Indonesian)

Penggunaan tongkat jalan (Indonesian)

Pengelolaan pasca jatuh (Indonesian)

Secara aktif menurunkan kemungkinan jatuh (Indonesian)

Manfaat aktivitas fisik (Indonesian)

Gabungkan aktivitas fisik ke dalam kehidupan sehari-hari (Indonesian)

Penggunaan alat bantu (Indonesian)

Memilih tongkat jalan yang benar (Indonesian)

Mengurangi konsekuensi cedera akibat jatuh (Indonesian)

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