• Cherish Our Life: Enhancing Psychological Well-being of Elders is a two-year elderly suicide prevention project for older people living alone in the Wong Tai Sin District under the CADENZA: A Jockey Club Initiative for Seniors. The purpose is to reduce the elderly's depressive symptoms through early detection, support service, treatment programme and referrals.
    Project Period
    October 2011 - September 2013

    Ho Hing Health Care Services Centre
    (Sponsored by Sik Sik Yuen)
    • Address:

    • G/F, Man Yue House, Tsz Man Estate, Tze Wan Shan, Kownloon
      2306 1555   Fax: 2352 3563
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  • The project will recruit around 1,000 elders aged 60 or above and living alone in the Wong Tai Sin District. A screening test will be conducted to find out elders with depressive symptoms.

    Those assessed to be depression prone and have depressive symptoms will be invited to join a preventive treatment programme. Under the programme, all participants will take six weekly training sessions to improve their self-efficacy and problem-solving skills so as to reduce their depressive symptoms, and two follow-up sessions to consolidate knowledge and to assess programme effectiveness. For those participants who show no progress or little improvement after the training, the clinical psychologist will provide further counselling services to them.

    Besides, those without obvious signs of depression in the screening will be encouraged to join various activities or volunteer services organised by Sik Sik Yuen. The purpose is to help them to develop a social network and lead a positive life to prevent the development of depressive symptoms. For those who have detectable signs of depression, they will be referred to Integrated Community Centre for Mental Wellness of the Social Welfare Department and the Elderly Suicide Prevention Service of the Hospital Authority for follow-up treatment to prevent suicide.