• Cadenza Community Project: Linkage is a community project launched by CADENZA: A Jockey Club Initiative for Seniors and the Aberdeen Kai-Fong Welfare Association. The project is funded by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust. The three-year project has been started since October 2012. To promote intergeneration communication, cooperation and exchange, the project comprises four parts, namely Community Education, Intergenerational Learning, Intergenerational Volunteer Development and Promoting Cultural Heritage Continuity.
    Project Period
    October 2012 – December 2015

    LinkAges Centre
    • Address:

    • LG 2/F., Carpark Block, Shek Pai Wan Estate, Aberdeen, Hong Kong
      2762 0409   Fax: 2670 3782
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  • With aims to raise public awareness on intergenerational communication, create a platform for multi-generation interaction, and promote greater understanding and respect between generations for building a more cohesive community, the project comprises four parts:

    1. Community Education: large-scale public education programmes, sharing sessions, practice workshops, and a series of community programmes will be organised to raise public awareness on the importance of intergeneration communication and relationship;

    2. Intergenerational Learning: learning activities and cross-generation art and culture programmes, such as art jamming, acapella groups and traditional handicrafts workshops will be conducted in order to make way for older persons to interact, exchange and cooperate with the younger generation to promote intergeneration communication, learning and support;

    3. Intergenerational Volunteer Development: volunteer teams will be set up according to the strengths of different generations, which include an IT mentor team, an elderly care companion team and a child care and education team to foster the spirit of mutual care and assistance among different generations; and

    4. Promoting Cultural Heritage Continuity: a series of traditional Chinese festive educational activities, video clip competition, sharing of fishermen’s culture and traditional cuisines publications will be organised to promote the preservation of local cultural heritage and instil traditional value into the young generation.
    Intergenerational Learning

    Intergenerational Volunteer Development

    Promoting Cultural Heritage Continuity