Micro Module 1. The demand on your care—Understanding the PERSON with dementia


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Appreciating the world of a person with dementia is crucial to caregivers, whether formal or informal, in caring disturbed behaviour of the person who is usually expressing their personal stress. In this course you will learn to understand the meaning of and respond to the behaviour that may have disturbed you from the person’s perspectives. Adopting a person-centred approach and upholding the intrinsic capacity of the person with dementia, caregivers should provide compassionate care even though the person may not be able to communicate his/her feelings of anxiety or pain the way he/she used to. This course leads you through the challenges and difficulties in caring issues through stories from caregivers. It emphasizes the extension of a person’s intrinsic capacity to his/her full potential, in order to manage his/her life and well-being as independently as possible. This course is not a repetition of the well-documented issues related to the diagnosis, types, and medical treatment of dementia, but reference links are provided for learners who wish to go into detail on particular issues of dementia. This course is open to anyone interested in this subject or working in dementia care. It can supplement the on-the-job training for health and social care professionals involved in the care of older people. The difficulties in caring for a person with dementia are considerable. With understanding and practical tips at hand, this course helps wipe your worries away and aims to improve the experience of both the person with dementia and his/her caregivers. Through the stories of caregivers of people with dementia, we heard of the frustration, tiredness, difficulties encountered. Yet, we heard also of unusual, delighted caregiving stories. We believe people living with dementia should receive care and services that are respectful of their human rights, dignity and that promote shared decision-making. Let us walk through the “Jockey Club CADENZA e-tools for Elder Care”, and be a CONTENTED caregiver, to help restore and maintain the intrinsic capacities of people with dementia, be they our clients, patients or loved one.

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Micro Module 1. The demand on your care—Understanding the PERSON with dementia

微電影: 腦退化人士之照護

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