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Combating frailty and sarcopenia

Frailty and sarcopenia become increasingly prevalent with age, leading to a decline in quality of life and loss of independence among older adults. Fortunately, frailty and sarcopenia can be reversed through diet and exercise. Taking this course will help you understand the causes, assessments, nutritional and exercise interventions of frailty and sarcopenia.

1. Understanding Frailty

2. Working Out to Combat Frailty

3. Brain-training to Combat Frailty

4. Understanding Sarcopenia

5. Reverse Sacropenia by Muscle Building Excerise

6. Preventing Sarcopenia

7. Vivifrail Exercise: Robust

8. Vivifrail Exercise : Pre-frail

9. Vivifrail Exercise : Frail

10. Frailty and sarcopenia

11. Facilitating frail older adults in social participation

12. Preventing frailty and sarcopenia with nutrition

13. Protein Food FAQs

14. Considerations in using oral nutritional

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