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Bowel changes in older adults

Understanding the bowel changes in older adults is important to improve their quality of life. Taking this course will help you understand the bowel changes in older adults, the assessments, and non-pharmacological and pharmacological intervention in preventing and treating constipation.

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1. Case study – Story of Ms. Lau

2. 10 Myths and misconceptions of bowel habit (1)

3. 10 Myths and misconceptions of bowel habit (2)

4. What should the stool look like?

5. Case study – Common bowel problems among older adults in HK

6. What is constipation?

7. Constipation problem among older adults

8. Management of hemorrhoids among older adults

9. Case study - Lifestyles of Ms. Lau

10. High fibre diet of preventing constipation

11. How to get adequate dietary fibre in our daily menu?

12. Gut microbiome

13. Recommended exercises to prevent constipation by physiotherapist Video

14. Etiology and pathogenesis of TCM for constipation with recommendations on tea and soup

15. Relief of constipation through acupoint pressing

16. Manual abdominal massage

17. Bowel habit

18. Pharmacological intervention

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