• The Jockey Club CADENZA Hub is one of the innovative community projects of CADENZA. It is a one-stop integrated health and social care centre managed by The Chinese University of Hong Kong and a team of multi-disciplinary health care professionals.

    The Hub adopts a user-focused case management approach to promote primary health and social care. It provides day care service and a wide spectrum of wellness, lifestyle modification, health maintenance courses, as well as on-site co-location services tailored for individual users. The Hub adopts a self-financing model.

    • Address:

    • Wing A and B,G/F, Shin Lun House, Fu Shin Estate, Tai Po Hong Kong
      3763-1000   Fax: 3763-1100
      This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Characteristics

    A user-friendly centre tailored for older persons and the soon-to-be-old:

    • Barrier-free, comfortable and relaxing environment
    • Timely service, easy appointment, sufficient time for consultation and counselling
    • Integrated and not “silo” approach in health and disease management
    • Comprehensive and preventive geriatric medicine, health and social care
    • Access to community resources through a close network of health and social services