Closing message of CADENZA Training Programme

The five-year "CADENZA" training program was successfully completed on 31 December, 2013. In order to be able to spread the "CADENZA" training program teaching resources for the public and people who are interested in gerontology to read, our training materials were placed in the website of "Cadenza". We hope that our aims at promoting public awareness of the aging population, increasing public awareness of the social and health care needs of the older people, nurturing positive attitudes and knowledge of aging population can be continued through this online platform. Those training materials cover different areas including public seminars, informal and family caregivers workshops, and self-directed web-based courses. It also provides two informative gerontology websites which are “Teaching and learning resources on population aging for Liberal Studies” and “Chronic illnesses Management for older people”. For details information, please visit the "Training Materials" of Cadenza website at or “CADENZA" training program website.

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為期五年的「流金頌」培訓計劃於2013年12月 31日正式完滿結束,為使教學資源能夠繼續得以流傳,我們將過往「流金頌」培訓計劃的教材存放於「流金頌」網頁中,以供市民大眾及對老年學有興趣的人士參閱,希望透過網上平台延續培訓計劃的宗旨,繼續促進公眾對人口老齡化的關注,提高公眾對長者的社會及醫護服務需求的認識,增加公眾對人口老齡化的認識和培養正面態度。培訓教材範疇涵蓋地區講座、非正規及家庭照顧者培訓工作坊、網上自修課程,同時亦提供兩個資料豐富的老年學專題網站,分別為「長者專題通識教學資源」及「長者慢性病加油站」。有關資料詳情,請瀏覽 「流金頌」網頁之「培訓教材」及「流金頌」培訓計劃網頁。