Micro Module 4: Keep Preventable Falls Away from You


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Falls and imbalance occur commonly in older people that robs their independence. Seniors who have fallen tend to lose confidence in their abilities, and reduce contact with the outside world. Some people may think staying at home can keep a senior from falls. Unfortunately, this is just far from the truth.

Fall risk factors may be linked to a senior’s physical condition, a medical problem, or home environment. Some medications can increase risk of falling because they cause side effects such as dizziness or confusion. While falls can be serious, seniors should not live their life in fear. Instead, seniors can be diligent about maintaining and improving health to lower their risk of falls.

This course will bring you safety tips on reducing fall hazards at home. We will guide you through a set of exercise that a senior can easily practice indoor. In case of a fall event, a self-help guide will also be shown.

Micro Module 4. Keep Preventable Falls Away from You


Fall Prevention and Mis-perceptions on Falls

Fall Prevention Tips

Fall Prevention Exercise

Use of Walking Stick

Post Fall Management

Is Falling in Older People Worth Our Attention?

Actively Reducing the Chances of Falls

The Benefits of Physical Activities

Incorporate physical activities into daily life

The Use of Assistive Devices

Choose the right walking stick

Reducing the consequence of fall injuries

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