Micro modules


“May the Force be with you!” is a famous line used in the Star Wars movie series. It first appeared in episode V, The Star Wars: A New Hope.

What does this line mean?

With reference to the movie, it is a wish for a person to be free from danger. “The Force” is able to empower the inherent physical and mental abilities of the person. In reality, all people have an inborn intrinsic capacity which is defined by the World Health Organization as the combination of the physical and mental, which includes psychosocial and functional, capacities.

Through a person’s life journey of learning and experiencing, one’s intrinsic capacity becomes skills and knowledge that enable one’s success at work and life, or in handling complex relationships. When one gets old, some of our capabilities may decline. However, it does not imply incapability to the extent that one becomes total dependence on others to manage the activities of daily living. We believe daily care dependency of older people on others can be significantly reduced. A win-win situation will be the improved independence of older people and the lessened caregivers stress. The situation will then be for caregivers to be “doing with”, and not doing “to” or “for” the person.

The particular of the Jockey Club CADENZA e-tools for elder care programme will be based on upholding the key principles of the person-centred approach and maintaining the intrinsic capacities of older people in managing their care.

Let’s start the move! And “May the Force be with you”!

Micro modules 1-12

Micro Module 1: The demand on your care—Understanding the PERSON with dementia

Micro Module 1: The demand on your care—Understanding the PERSON with dementia

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